14 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Approach to the legal-philosophical thought of Martí, Martínez Villena and Fidel.

Fidel Castro’s philosophy was always Marti. «I want to cast my lot with the poor of the earth. The mountain stream pleases me more than the sea». This is the philosophical principle that guided his life.

Fidel Castro’s philosophy was always Martiana. «I want to cast my lot with the poor of the earth. The mountain stream pleases me more than the sea». This is the philosophical principle that guided his life.

We cannot understand the revolutionary decision to send Cuban troops to Africa if we do not understand that philosophy. Without it, neither could we understand the reason for sending doctors to treat patients in every corner of the world, or for sending teachers to eradicate illiteracy in less developed countries. Good relations, for Fidel, always prioritized good relations with the poor, the dispossessed, those Franz Fanon called the damned of the earth.

What the reading of the Communist Manifesto produced in Fidel Castro was that his understanding became easier thanks to the knowledge of the history of Cuba and the thought, work and life of José Martí. Fidel’s revolutionary thinking matured with a more vertiginous, passionate and radical political consciousness.

Fidel Castro’s revolutionary thinking evolved from a rebellious and impetuous spirit, enriching and forming itself with Martian, Marxist and Leninist ideas as a foundation and base until reaching the category of an integral revolutionary thought whose repercussion is the result of becoming the maximum leader of the Cuban Revolution, being the architect of the radical changes in Cuban society and having repercussions in the history of many countries in Latin America and the world.

He developed the concept of people in a clear and brilliant way in his exposition in the Moncada Trial, which revolutionized the judicial history of Cuba in the 20th century, in the rigged judicial summary that followed the assailants after the events.

The concept of the people offered by Fidel in History Will Absolve Me is not the result of a classical defensive thesis, of a discourse unilaterally threaded from the Law, it is more a political than a juridical concept, which constitutes at the same time root and sap of an emerging Political Science, emerged for emancipation, as the voice of the oppressed, of the exploited, of the colonized, of the vilified, of the underdeveloped peoples, a science of those of the South, subjected by the always colonizing, always subjugating, always «superior» North.

This thought, these ideas expounded by Fidel, bring a veiled remembrance, not referred then, to Lenin, to the problem of the rural worker, of the squatter, of that agricultural worker with no right to anything, of that impoverished peasant without land and without rights, who would appear later, in a triumphant revolution declared socialist a few years after its triumph, as a class allied to the workers.

Written by Dr Osvaldo Manuel Álvarez Torres.




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