24 de julio de 2024

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The famous songs to Matanzas

The most famous poems inspired by the Cuban city of Rivers and Bridges, which is reaching the 330th anniversary of its foundation, are the Cantos a Matanzas, by Carilda Oliver Labra and Nestor Ulloa.

It is significant that both of them are written in tenths and they gather the exciting palpitation of the two bards about the Athens of Cuba.

They say that Carilda pointed out that this work emphasizes the images that show the historical and architectural values of Matanzas, but we all know that they include an emotion, a passion for every corner of the city, which forever mark the feelings of those of us who live on the shores of the beautiful bay.

The poem Canto de amor a Matanzas, by the poet Néstor Ulloa is composed of eight spinels, presided by two quatrains of alexandrines and heptasyllabic verses in its fourth lines. It was written in 1954 and recited in literary gatherings and events during several decades of the 20th century.

Throughout history, many poets have sung to the also called Venice of Cuba, that is why it is so sensitive to have convened this year the Extraordinary Poetry Prize «Canto a Matanzas», of provincial character in tribute to its 330th Anniversary.

According to its organizers, the Writers Association of UNEAC and the Provincial Center of Books and Literature, the contest is free and open to the inspiration of those passionate about verses, who are in time to send their works by WhatsApp, at 53 11 93 88.

The jury will select 10 finalist works and those authors will read their texts on October 12th in the social house of the Uneac; a unique prize will be granted consisting of an accredited diploma and Matanzas Editions will value to publish the work in its magazine.

The term of admission of the contest Extraordinary Prize of Poetry «Canto a Matanzas», expires next September 30th.

Thousands of verses have been dedicated by the people of Matanzas to this beautiful city and making them known is also a great tribute to the land where we live, as part of the festivities for the 330th anniversary of San Carlos and San Severino de #Matanzas.

Written by María Elena Bayón.


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