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Historic Landscapes of Matanzas in 2015 Book Fair

Gloria Machado León 29 octubre, 2014

To celebrate the 320 anniversary of the founding of the city of Matanzas in 2013, engineer Luis Gonzalez Arestuche, Mr. Leonel Pérez Orozco and also engineers Eric Falcon and Pedro Rodriguez conceived the creation of the book Historic Landscapes of Matanzas , explained Pérez Orozco.

«It was a job that took an International Congress of Architecture in Vietnam, where he earned a very creditable first prize. It proved to be a very strong interest in publishing Vigia city, we proposed to publish the book.

«So the text was published on October the 2nd last year and achieved record sales since the first edition of 200 copies in less than two hours is all sold out.»

The text, with designs from Marialba Rivers proposes an approach to specific sites in the city. The landscapes are aimed at comparing prints dated Matanzas city during the nineteenth century and contemporary photographs in the same position and angle at which the engraver immortalized the image.

On recent projects based on text, Pérez Orozco explained, «as then proposed a reprint was national meeting where the work to be presented and published in the International Book Fair in 2015 are concentrated.

«Miguel Barnet and specialists who were there agreed to reprint the book, this time in a normal format, not manufactured as does Ediciones Vigia.»

For satisfaction Matanzas, this time the proposal be expanded. «It will have a circulation of nearly 1200 texts. For that we were asked to do a new review, we increased the number of prints and photographs that deserves a longer post now that we did modestly Watcher book.

«The authors are currently engaged in completing the search for prints, we have extracted eight new Matancero Almanac 1888 also will add new texts and I guess that is an excellent book, with far-reaching in Matanzas population.»

The prints were organized based on three cornerstones: the geographical location of the landscape, its history and its architecture, which magnify its value in each case.

Historic Landscape of the city of Matanzas in his expanded edition will be an interesting literary proposal greatly enjoy Matanzas, a new route to learn the internals of a wonderful city.


Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on October 29th, 2014

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