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Learning Network for Energy Management Systems, a welcome initiative in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 9 agosto, 2019

The National Office for the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE) of Matanzas, pioneer of Cuba in the development of a Learning Network to implement the ISO 50001 Cuban Standard on Energy Management Systems, held the third workshop with representatives of Ten tourism organizations located in Varadero. Ángel Núñez, director of ONURE, referring to the value… Continue Reading »


Oil tankers workers committed to energy self-sufficiency.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 1 julio, 2019

With a strong presence in Matanzas, workers in the oil sector celebrated their day this first of July, committed to achieving energy self-sufficiency. The mission of providing specialized services associated with fossil fuel and its derivatives, with certified quality standards, was highlighted in the central act that was held at the Territorial Division of Fuel… Continue Reading »


The Matanzas thermoelectric plant continues at the forefront.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 julio, 2018

The Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas was recognized as a center Vanguardia Nacional of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. This year seven working centers  of the province opted for this condition and finally four centers were approved, with special renown for the most efficient generation plant in the country. The trade union leader,… Continue Reading »


Vietnam and Cuba are committed to the generation of clean energy

Gloria Machado León 21 febrero, 2018

The Socialist Republics of Vietnam and Cuba are negotiating a project to generate electricity from the marabou biomass and the promotion of energy crops, which also includes the production of food on land that is released for import substitution, as explained Celso Carpio Camaroti, Business Director of the Agroforestry Group.


Under construction foundations for placing power generators

Gloria Machado León 24 octubre, 2017

At the Canaleta Prefabricated Plant in the municipality of Perico, three types of bases are manufactured for 32 generating sets to be installed at approximately three kilometers from the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant in Matanzas, according to civil engineer José Ramón Díaz García.


The Matanzas thermoelectric plant between lights and shadows

Gloria Machado León 5 octubre, 2017

The Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE) has been stable for some days and maintains its production at 230 megawatts / hour. After the severe damages caused by hurricane Irma, specialists, technicians and workers from all over the country are working to recover the plant that reaches three days of uninterrupted operation.

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