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“Rest in peace happy hero …”

Gloria Machado León 11 marzo, 2018

Who would have imagined that the child who was born on the afternoon of March 11, 1876, at the La Reforma farm in Jatibonico, would be a fighting companion of our Antonio Maceo? Add to this the fact that wearing a sling did not prevent him from knowing the death of the Bronze Titan, saying: “… to die next to the general.”


Esteban Pichardo: his passion hidden in La Aurora

Gloria Machado León 29 noviembre, 2017

The newspaper La Aurora de Matanzas was a newspaper that published economic, mercantile, political, social and literary information. Given its relevance, it is considered one of the most important newspapers of the 19th century in Cuba. It was first published in 1828. His writings were general and interesting and he played a significant role in Matanzas, since he showed part of the national culture. In its pages the most prestigious writers of the time collaborated, among which we can mention Cirilo Villaverde, Domingo del Monte, Miguel Teurbe Tolón, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and the geographer Esteban Pichardo. In relation to the latter, his collaboration with articles for La Aurora is curious.

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