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InterGest Matanzas concludes today.

The InterGest Matanzas 2023 event, which concludes today in Varadero, was defined as a meeting to discuss local development, business management and innovation.

Organized by the Center for Information and Technological Management (CIGET) in the territory, an organization attached to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), the event brought together entrepreneurs, academics, specialists and innovators working for sustainable development since November 12th.

According to the Organizing Network of Science, Technology and Information Events through its Facebook page, the event included workshops and conferences on various topics, such as the management of territorial projects in Matanzas, innovation in municipal management, the Sustainable Development Goals in Cuba and the design of a digital platform oriented to collaboration and innovation.

InterGest was attended by MSc. Oscar Luis García Martínez, territorial delegate of CITMA in Matanzas, in addition to prominent academics and researchers, and became a space for the exchange of innovative experiences.




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