23 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Comprehensive care for autistic children: fundamental for their wellbeing.

By addressing all areas of development, their quality of life, social inclusion and family support are promoted.

The project of integral attention to autism in Matanzas arises thanks to the collaboration of doctors from different disciplines with the purpose of providing greater support to both the autistic patient and his or her family.
Dr. Yeslaine Navarro Talavera, a specialist in child psychiatry, tells us about this project.

«The main objective of our project is to facilitate the welfare of the family and, above all, that of the children. And given the demand for care, the need for early diagnosis and early stimulation at very important ages, this idea arose, which has become a little more concrete and today we are talking about being able to provide other services that we did not have some time ago.

«Within this we talk about what is a little more comprehensive care when it comes to providing support to families, counseling, parenting schools, individual and group therapies, arts and crafts activities, games with children, but also everything that is socialization. These purposes also include facilitating social inclusion, which is very important and I believe that the more we know and the more we know about autism spectrum disorder, the more we can say that the community will be more inclusive every day».

On the different edges on which specialists focus on working with autistic children, Yailén Rodríguez Ortega, a graduate in Special Education, commented.

«We work in many areas from the communication point of view. For them, communication is essential because it generates the link to make known what they need, the potential they may have. We also work from the affective, behavioral, social and inclusive areas.»

Comprehensive care for autistic children is fundamental, as it provides them with the necessary tools for their well-being. By addressing all areas of development, it promotes their quality of life, their social inclusion and support for their families.

Written by Melissa Guerra.



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