19 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Danzón, Matanzas tribute to cultural tradition (+audio).

Among the Matanzas residents who have won the Casa de las Americas Literary Award are Dora Alonso and Luis Lorente, twice; Virgilio Piñera; Jesús del Castillo; Alberto Abreu and Urbano Martínez Carmenate.



Recently a writer from Matanzas was included among the authors born in this land to deserve recognition in the prestigious Casa de las Americas Literary Award.

«I am very happy with this mention. Very happy because I think it is also a tribute to Matanzas, to all the cultural heritage, even to the heritage of the Cuban theatrical tradition because in the 19th century several playwrights turned the danzón into a character. This is also an award for the city where the danzon emerged and where it lives in many ways».

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That the playwright, writer and critic from Matanzas Ulises Rodríguez Febles obtains this satisfaction with the dramatic text Danzón, a work that has so much to do with the cultural roots of Matanzas, becomes a reaffirmation of the meritorious work of the researcher who directs the Casa de la Memoria Escénica, in the promotion and preservation of our most authentic cultural values as Matanceros and Cubans.

«Danzón is for me the most significant work of these connections because it is precisely a tribute and reflection around our national rhythm and dance, created by Miguel Failde and, therefore it connects with history and with the present, with contemporaneity.

«Dramaturgically it is written from the structure of the danzón, following the characteristics that previously marked Yo soy el rey del mambo that tried to capture for the dramaturgy the essences of the mambo.

«This mention in such an important award as the Casa de las Américas contributes to reaffirm those ties of relations in my dramaturgy with Cuban music and those ties with the world that make them universal, that enrich them, diversify them and constitute a song to our cultural heritage and to the people who have made it possible.»

Danzón is part of the trilogy dedicated by Rodríguez Febles to the cultural connections between Cuba and Mexico, which also includes Yo soy el rey del mambo and Lara.

See also: https://www.ministeriodecultura.gob.cu/es/actualidad/noticias/ratifican-relaciones-historicas-y-culturales-entre-cuba-y-mexico

«In this case Danzón Cuba is a character that is part of that miscegenation, of that heritage, as I have also created a Danzón Mexico because it is a story that imbricates that influence that Mexico has had on our danzón, its differences and similarities in a passionate and musical narration, to be sung by actors and where the danzón dance is fundamental.

«The work also questions, reflects, inquires about aspects that have to do with eminently cultural elements of the Cuban nation, therefore it is also a tribute to the cultural heritage of the nation, which is a constant in my work, especially in recent times.

«It is a thank you to the city of Matanzas, to the tradition of Miguel Failde and to those who have continued that heritage, to the new generations.»

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Ulises Rodríguez Febles is a playwright, theater researcher and scriptwriter, member of UNIMA Cuba and UNEAC, and directs the Casa de la Memoria Escénica in Matanzas.

He has a solid command of the world of theater and writing, which has earned him important national and international awards such as the Royal Court of London, the José Jacinto Milanés, Dora Alonso, La Edad de Oro, the Cirilo Villaverde and Guillermo Vidal novel awards, the Virgilio Piñera and the Literary Critics’ Award.


Written by Jessica Mesa.



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