23 de abril de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Menéndez Thermal Center: an opportunity for local development.

An opportunity for tourism development in the province is presented by the Menéndez Thermal Center, located in this municipality, just 22 kilometers from the municipal capital.

Provided with springs of table, thermal, mineral-medicinal and peloid waters in their natural state, according to the website of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, these characteristics turn it into a «tourist treasure with development possibilities».

Menéndez is home to 33 wells with waters rich in minerals such as sodium chloride, sulfides, calcium, iodine, bromine and magnesium, at temperatures ranging from 28 to 40 degrees, which contribute «to the treatment of dermatological, digestive and respiratory conditions».

Ideal for sustainable tourism in harmony with nature, the thermal center is one kilometer from the beach of the same name, with thick grayish sand and ample mangrove vegetation.

Its proximity to Varadero allows combining the modalities of health and ecological tourism, such as the observation of coastal flora and fauna, as it is also a corridor for migratory birds, hiking, as well as the interest in archeology, since about 500 meters away is the archaeological site Cayo Jorajurí.

Menéndez is presented as an ideal site for tourism development in close harmony with the environment, as well as an opportunity for foreign investment, which contributes to the local development of the Matanzas territory.

Written by Caudia Ortega Valido.

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