Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Report on the delicate situation of water supply in Matanzas.


A breakage in the motor of pumping station no. 1 of the «El Conde» well field caused some areas of the city of Matanzas to be without drinking water service this Sunday. 1 of the well field «El Conde» caused that some areas of the city of Matanzas woke up this Sunday without drinking water service.

The residents of Cocal, Pueblo Nuevo, Reparto Camilo Cienfuegos and La Jaiba are the most affected with the supply of the vital liquid, according to information provided to our editorial office by sources of the municipal UEB of Aqueduct and Sewerage.

In this sense, they explained that in addition to these difficulties in the city of Matanzas, the Ceiba Mocha station was also out of service, also due to a breakdown in the equipment that supplies most of the inhabitants of that community.

On the other hand, they reported that the inhabitants of Reparto Lozano, Kilometer 101, and part of Reparto del Naranjal, who receive their water from the Pedraje tank, are affected. They are without water service due to the collapse of the turbine, which is under a reserved prognosis.

At this moment, forces of the Brigade of the Unidad Empresarial de Base Electromecánica are working to solve these failures that affect a large part of the population of Matanzas.

To make up for the damages, the Matanzas Water and Sewage Company has thirteen tanker cars to distribute water to these areas.

Writen by Noelis Santoyo Cobas.


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