18 de mayo de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

San Juan Murmurante in the counterpoint of the writer García Guridi.



Before an attentive audience, the guest of the literary artistic space San Juan Murmurante, who came from Mayabeque at the request of the host, the poet Orismay Hernandez, showed his transparent and honest thinking.

When introducing his guest, the defender of the décima said: «Here is Juan Carlos García Guridi, polemic writer of rhymed verses, repentista, leader of the artists in the sister province and researcher of Cuban culture».

Guridi began to express his feelings, while he read sonnets and tenths or improvised with Orismay to refresh his impetus, next to the banks of the mighty river, in the ARTEX cultural center, the usual venue for these meetings on the Narvaez Street promenade.

His answers to each question overflowed with a wealth of ideas that defined him as a fervent Martiano and admirer at the same time of great writers, closer to the social contexts of their peoples, «less mellow, although always lyrical».



Guridi recalled his teachers from his childhood and youth, the outstanding repentistas of his land, convinced that those teachings were vital for his formation.

Again Orismay approached him about the themes and conceptions handled in his work, to which Guridi told him with nonchalance, that he prefers to write emotions, to break atmospheres, because he does not like monolithic thinking and the quality of a text depends on who receives it. His requirement is to do it with honesty.

As for his role as president of the Mayabeque branch of the UNEAC, he said that for him the main thing is the artist, period.

Those present were delighted by the narrations of actress Fara Madrigal and writer Cecilia Soto, the hendecasyllabic tenth of the poet Magaly Fariña; and the interpretations of the duo of Mía Mariana, on the flute and Vania Ingram, on the guitar, along with the realization of a live watercolor dedicated to the honoree, by Yuriandy Belismelis, all three students of the School of Art of Matanzas.

The guest also received gifts from the Centro de Promoción Literaria José J. Milanés, from the hands of its director Frank Santana; a ceramic by Manuel Hernández, presented by Leo García Ramos, first vice-president of UNEAC Matanzas and gifts from ARTEX representatives in the province.


San Juan Murmurante culminated with the poetic touch of the spinel, when Orismay and Guridi improvised some forced feet; events that occur in this space of monthly artistic-literary promotion, where gratifying and enriching moments are provided to the Cuban cultural universe.

Written by María Elena Bayón.






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