13 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

A day to be thankful for.

From today until June 14th the health professionals of Matanzas celebrate the Week of the Voluntary Blood Donor.

From today until June 14th, health professionals in the province of Matanzas celebrate the Week of the Voluntary Blood Donor with the aim of thanking those who selflessly save lives.

Likewise, the day aims to add people to this vital donation that helps patients with life-threatening diseases to live longer and with better quality, while making possible complex surgical procedures.

They also support the maternal and infant program, from pregnancy to the baby’s first year, and respond to emergency situations caused by natural or man-made disasters.

These days the recognition also goes to the workers of the Blood Banks, doctors, nurses, technicians, managers, highly trained team, who work daily with the purpose of caring for the health of the people of Matanzas.

It also highlights the importance of donating blood or plasma on a regular basis, to establish a safe and sustainable supply of blood and its products so that they are always available and used in a timely manner in the treatment of patients in need.

Written by Dunia Bermúdez Sañudo.






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