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Preparatory seminar for the upcoming school year in Matanzas municipalities (+audio)



Until July 6th, the Seminar for the Preparation of the 2023-2024 Course will be held in all the territories of Matanzas, an opportune space for the analysis, reflection and collective construction of agreements and knowledge that respond to the continuous improvement of Cuban Education at its different levels.

After being welcomed by the provincial structures of the sector, the training began last week in the localities of Martí, Limonar and Cárdenas, in accordance with the schedule provided by the Provincial Education Directorate.

The training received by directors, methodologists and teaching staff to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives prioritized in the new school period was planned to be carried out in three municipalities at the same time each week through plenary sessions and work in commissions during three continuous days until concluding on the aforementioned date.

Different and essential issues for the sector are dealt with in these meetings, which are taking place these days throughout the country, as stated to Radio 26 by the Vice Minister of Education, Dania López Gulbone, on the occasion of her visit to Matanzas on the occasion of the Provincial Seminar.


Written by Yovana Baró Álvarez

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