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News from the José Raúl Capablanca Chess Hall.


With the coming of summer, the Jose Raul Capablanca Chess Room is a recreational option for lovers of the science sport.

The premises located on Medio Street in Matanzas will be open from 9:00 am-1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, during the whole summer season.

Yadira Vigoa Apecheche, National Chess Master and teacher of this discipline in the city of Yumurina, says that the hall has been renovated thanks to the change of the old lights for the new ones with LED technology, besides the walls of its interiors have been painted, likewise the chess player invites anyone who wants to play chess to visit the central space.

In spite of not having a bad constructive state, the premises demand a change in the game tables, already ordered, although without a deadline for their delivery, this added to the existing problems with the water due to the breakage of the turbine.

«We also have problems with the air conditioning, we have to keep the doors open because of the heat, which bothers the outside noise and this is a game that requires silence and total concentration,» says Yadira.

However, the teachers and members of the Chess Room continue with their projects regardless of the setbacks, among them are the organization of two international tournaments, planned to be held in October, one in Varadero, taking advantage of its status as a tourist center, the other in the municipality of Matanzas.

Written by Alejandro López Quintero.

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