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Writers from Matanzas at the Book Saturday in the capital city.

The Book Saturday in the nation’s capital will officially close the Summer Readings and will have as special guests writers and publishers from Matanzas, for the promotion of four books published by Ediciones Matanzas and Aldabón.

The event will start at 11:00 a.m. on the famous Calle de Madera (Wooden Street), which runs in front of the former Palace of the Captains General, today the Museum of the City, in the Plaza de Armas of Old Havana.

The Provincial Center of Books and Literature in Matanzas, as part of the Cuban Book Institute and the Provincial Directorate of Culture, is sponsoring this activity, Efrahím Pérez Izquierdo, director of the Yumurian literary entity, told this newspaper.

The books for children and teenagers Rosa de los vientos, a poetic anthology by Jose Manuel Espino; the notebook Canciones de ida y vuelta, by Nelson Simon; A la sombra de un león, by Eldys Baratute; and singularly Del silencio al grito. Women in the Visual Arts, by Adelaida de Juan.

Among other surprises, the presentation of the texts will be in charge of the important intellectuals Alfredo Záldivar, National Publishing Award and director of Matanzas Editionss; Daniel Cruz, director of Aldabón; editor and writer Maylan Álvarez, as well as the author José Manuel Espino, who also serves as president of UNEAC in the City of Bridges.

Matanzas  Editions celebrates this year the 45th anniversary of its foundation, it is characterized by the profuse production of titles of Matanzas, Cuban and foreign authors in the genres of poetry, short stories, novels, plays and essays, in addition to the publication of the renowned Matanzas Magazine.

For its part, Ediciones Aldabón, with five years of existence, as representative of the Hermanos Saíz Association in Cuba’s Athens, stands out for promoting not only the best of literature made by young people, but also for welcoming great authors of the moment in the various genres it brings together, including, as a novelty, science fiction.

The Summer Readings, which have been so successful during the summer season with the participation of writers, booksellers and especially the people throughout the national territory and with a relevant performance in the province, will come to an end. The Territorial Book Fairs and the Festival Entre Letras y Carbones, in the Ciénaga de Zapata, stand out.

Written by María Elena Bayón Mayor.


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