Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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CDR in Matanzas contributes to the fight against crime from the neighborhood (+audio)


The Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) is the largest mass organization in the country, the first line of defense of the principles of the socialist revolution since the first years of its foundation.

Although in its beginnings its work has been dedicated to the fight against terrorist acts of the counterrevolution, it now focuses on political work with the neighborhoods, to contribute to the confrontation of crime and illegalities.

To learn more about this work in the province of Matanzas, we talked to Norlenys Serpa, provincial coordinator of the CDR in the territory.


The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Matanzas carry out various actions to support the fight against crime and illegalities from the neighborhoods.

Written by Claudia Ortega Valido.


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