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EA Sports League News.

After seven rounds of Spanish League soccer, now sponsored by EA Sports, there is a surprise leader: Girona Fútbol Club, a modest team that last season was in tenth position and is currently with 19 points, undefeated with six wins and one draw.

In the second position of the table is Real Madrid, who lost the leadership last Sunday after losing the derby of the capital 3-1 against Atlético; however, they recovered a place in the standings after winning today against Las Palmas Fútbol Club 2-0, taking advantage of yesterday’s draw of Barcelona 2-2 with the always difficult Mallorca.


Individually, three players are the top scorers in the Spanish championship: Álvaro Morata (ATM), Jude Bellingham (RMA) and Robert Lewandowski (BAR) with five goals each, and in fourth position Abdón Prats, from Mallorca, with four.

The top goal scorers are Sávio Moreira and Álex Baena, from Mallorca and Villarreal respectively.

Overall, La Liga continues to face a lot of criticism for the quality of refereeing, as well as economic problems and the loss of quality in the tournament.

At the same time, the number of injuries to soccer players continues to be under the spotlight as a result of the tight schedule that has been judged time and time again by athletes, managers and other soccer personalities.

Written by Alejandro López Quintero.





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