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Matanzas Province in business mode.


On the premises of the Canimao Hotel, part of the Islazul chain, the sessions of the Business Fair of Economic Actors will continue today, a commercial exchange that advances the festivities for the 330th anniversary of the founding of the city of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas, which took place on October 12th, 1693.

Since October 5th, the province of Matanzas is in business mode, an opportunity that will last until tomorrow, Saturday, an event designed to promote productive linkages, replace imports and stimulate exports.


Under the slogan Matanzas, every day more productive, the event shows the productive and service potential through 75 stands, where 39 companies, 13 basic business units, 13 MSMEs, nine local development projects, non-agricultural cooperatives, among other actors are exhibiting.

Specialized personnel from the Popular Savings and Credit and Services Banks, CADECA, the Scientific and Technological Park, ETECSA, ONAT, XETID, also attended the event, in accordance with Resolution 2023 of the Central Bank of Cuba, referring to the banking regulations on limits of cash collections and payments in local currency, its deposit, extraction and possession.

In her opening remarks at the second Business Fair of Economic Actors, Vice Governor Marieta Poey praised the rehabilitation program for the birthday of the city of Matanzas, a bet, she said, for the preservation and conservation of the urban environment of the historic center and other areas of tourist interest; always with respect for the historical, cultural and heritage values, both tangible and intangible.

In analyzing the impact of the fair, the provincial director of Economy and Planning, Gilberto Castell Rodríguez, explained that it is about boosting the economy from the communion of actors proposed by the commercial meeting, in the midst of great national restrictions and also in the international scenario that negatively impact the country.


«It is an ideal moment for exchange, to know where the resources are, the raw material to promote goods and services, improve the economy and solve the problems of the people of Matanzas», said Castell Rodriguez.

The opportunity to participate as exhibitors was appreciated by the brothers Yordanis and Julio Fonte, partners of the micro and small business Bajo cero, from the municipality of Cárdenas, dedicated to the installation, repair and maintenance of automotive air conditioning and also ventures into the sale of accessories for motorcycles from their hardware stores.

Jorge Cabrera, director of the basic business unit EsAzúcar, owner of several mini-industries where they produce from dry wine to various canned goods, mainly sweets and jams, evaluated the business meeting as «an opportunity to learn about the offer of other actors to improve the food intended for the canteens of the Azcuba group in the province».

Organized by the government of the western province of Matanzas, this Business Fair of Economic Actors promotes the knowledge of the diversity of goods and services generated in the country, mainly in Matanzas territory.

Considered a heavyweight in the productive and service structure of the Greater Antilles, as it concentrates strategic engines such as tourism and oil, Matanzas has a portfolio of 127 exportable items, 93 goods and 34 services.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.







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