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Matanzas will be present at the International Handicraft Fair 2017

Gloria Machado León 7 diciembre, 2017

The XXI edition of the International Crafts Fair (FIART) 2017 takes place from the 5th to the coming 17th of this month at the PABEXPO fairgrounds, in the capital. The event, organized by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets, is dedicated to the province of Santiago de Cuba and to glass as an artisan manifestation.


“I am not worried about our young people; they will be revolutionaries of their time “

Gloria Machado León 22 abril, 2017

As happens with stories converted into a slogan, the Los 5 loses much of its content when it raises official harangues. The reality, as almost always, exceeds the cellophane of the envelope so that meeting Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert in the flesh, without any intermediary, was an act of revolutionary reaffirmation.


The life of Chirino

Gloria Machado León 9 marzo, 2017

Each place has its characters that characterize it, that trace its history, those that become the essential faces of everyday life. However, on most occasions nobody knows about his past, just look at his present. Their lives pass in a coming and going of new experiences, they even question how they came to become the most popular actors in the city.


The generations of the cornetica cartoons

Gloria Machado León 2 marzo, 2017

A young couple, on a culinary adventure, fries an egg. When the hot oil sparkles she flees out of the kitchen and the boy says, “That happens to women who are nervous …”, he tries to spatter a splash on his wrists and is frightened: “… we, The men, guaaa! “She retorted. It’s incredible how deep the Cubans’ images of cartoons or “dolls” were, since we’re among Cubans. However, this cultural link disappears. The arrival of foreign communicative products replaces them little by little.


Notes for the memorial: my grandfather and Fidel

Gloria Machado León 19 enero, 2017

Memory is a shooting star for him. Sometimes episodes of his life appear, and disappear, names, events occurred only minutes ago. To remember is a privilege that left him several years ago. In the days of Fidel’s death the intermittent advantage of evoking became a continuous and painful martyrdom.

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