14 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

For a more just, prosperous and educated society.


El desarrollo de matutinos especiales que aborden la historia de Cuba es una prioridad en los centros educacionales del territorio.

The «Maestro» envisioned a just, sovereign and independent Cuba, whose prosperity and development are a reality.



Meeting between generations of veterans and young people of the FEEM and the UJC as a sign of the historical continuity of the Revolution.


From the highest levels of government to the political and mass organizations that complement it, the largest Antillean island has historically prioritized the formation of values as an incentive for the construction of a more just, educated and prosperous society.

In this endeavor, the Directorate of Education of Pedro Betrancourt territory pays special attention to a political-ideological work that guarantees the preservation of the revolutionary work and its achievements, as well as the identity, idiosyncrasy and Cuban identity that characterizes us.

This was expressed to our radio station by Sarahi Triana Esnard, who serves as deputy director of this structure in the locality.


Based on the patriotic conception of our socialist system and through educational centers, institutions and organizations of all sectors, our country implements various policies and initiatives that promote the acquisition of values in the population from an early age in order to form citizens committed to the welfare of society.


Visits to the local museum Gustavo González Pérez contribute to the integral formation of Pedro Betancourt students.


Under ethical and moral principles such as dignity, patriotism, humanism, solidarity, responsibility, honesty, industriousness, honesty and justice, among others, our country promotes the construction of a society that is better prepared and adapted to the current times.

According to Jesús Astiazaraín Rodríguez, a methodologist of higher secondary education and school organization of the Technical-Professional Education, different activities are developed to guarantee the integral formation of students and teachers, at the same time that the teaching-educational process is improved in the town of Betancourt.


Likewise, the Municipal Sports Department disseminates from its Héctor Mederos Argüelles Museum those values that make the Antillean sports glories emblematic references for the people, and also contributes to increase the interest of the new generations in local history and its exponents.

So argued Emilio Morales Álvarez, historian of this facility:


The Young Communist League, for its part, becomes the epicenter in the education of values in Cuban society with its actions, always in correspondence with the historical continuity of the revolutionary work on the island. In this regard, we talked to its secretary in this municipality, Ledianys Mejías González.


In the preventive work, vocational training and professional orientation, as well as in the linking of young people with agricultural tasks and of notorious community impact, according to Mejías González, the UJC shows the protagonism of the youth in the construction of a better society and, consequently, of a better country.


Our Apostle José Martí used to say that «the homeland is founded on a single support: men of their own thinking». In addition to his humanism and vision of the future, the Master envisioned a just, sovereign and independent Cuba, whose prosperity and development would be a reality and that those of us who live there would always be imbued with the Mambí patriotism of those who bravely perished for it.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.




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