23 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Susely Morfa and Mario Sabines, militants grown up for Matanzas .

Foto tomada de Granma.

«I have learned a lot with you, with all of you, I have been formed, I have grown as a Party militant, as a revolutionary, as a cadre, as a person,» said Susely Morfa Gonzalez.

This Saturday abundant voices were expressed in the Plenary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Matanzas; in an extraordinary session it was agreed, at the request of the Political Bureau, to release as first secretary of the organization in the territory Susely Morfa González, recognized for her performance, and elected to assume that responsibility Mario Felipe Sabines Lorenzo, who served as Governor.

«I have learned a lot with you, with everyone, I have been formed, I have grown as a Party militant, as a revolutionary, as a cadre, as a person,» said Morfa González, «these are hard times where the values, the principles of women and men who are willing from the heart, from conviction, to defend Cuba, we have a commitment that unites us, which is the Homeland, which is the Revolution, are tested.

«This is a strong province where the people respond, there are many challenges ahead, but here there is capacity, talent, very good people, people with principles and I believe that modestly we sow with affection, but also with exigency; we have known how to be family and above all, to form ourselves as better revolutionaries», commented Morfa Gonzalez, who will be assigned other responsibilities in the Central Committee.

In view of the trust placed in him, Sabines Lorenzo stressed his commitment: «I have never felt outside this work team», he expressed to the Plenary and highlighted unity as a principle in which he trusts to advance and create prosperity from the socialist ideology.

At the Plenary, chaired by Roberto Morales Ojeda, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Party’s Central Committee, and which also counted with the participation of Humberto Camilo Hernández Suárez, member of the Central Committee and head of its Department of Cadres Policy, the members of the Provincial Committee offered words of gratitude, praise and confidence.

«Susely leaves a mark as the tireless warrior that she is, a conqueror of impossibilities always, with the spirit of faith in victory,» opined Carlos Clemente Carmona, first secretary of the PCC Municipal Committee in Perico.

«Mario is an example as a cadre, as a person, an example in work and as a father – added Clemente Carmona -, Mario knows this province like nobody else, he has been an indisputable leader, he is in full conditions to develop the work of the Party in the province».

Written by Yenly Lemus




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